It seems like in every culture we focus on the adults but forget about the “little” people.  Well “little” people I heard your cry and I am making this blog about YOU.  Of course when I said YOU I meant the lion cubs.

As it becomes time to bring the cubs to the world, a lioness disappears from her pride for about two months and remains hidden until it is time for her cubs to be introduced to the rest of the pride.

At about 10 to 15 days cubs begin to walk.  A lion cub opens its’ eyes at about day 3.  Though teeth are still both growing and strengthening, a lion cub begins eating meat at about 3 months.

Out of the litter, lioness cubs will usually stay among the pride but male cubs will most likely be forced out or leave on free will from the pride at the age of two or three.

Little ones are always left out but not this time.  This time It’s All About the Cubs …


King of the Jungle

Yes, we ALL know that the Lion has been named the “King of the Jungle” but why has the lion been chosen out of all the animals in the whole world?  Is it because of their strength?  Or maybe their roars.  It could even possibly be because of their beauty.

The roar and appearance have helped but those are not the only things that have set the lion apart.  A lion’s strength and strength has been ranked among the top for years.

Lions have also been seen as a symbol of strength to people all around the world.

Being as long as 9 feet and weighing in over four hundred pounds; give one reason why you wouldn’t earn the title “King of the Jungle”.


As I have grown, I have noticed that lions and people actually have a lot of things in common; one being a house.  Lions have a home called a “lion’s den”.

Within this den many of things happen:  the lion sleeps there, (in some instances) eats there and also mate there.

In a lion’s home (lion den), the “King of the Jungle” (male lion) sleeps for about twenty hours (on average).  Contrary to the male lion, the female lion (lioness) averages a lot less sleep; due to the fact that she spends most of her day hunting.

Though a lion might eat on the scene, sometimes they actually bring the food back to there homes to feed their pride or lion cubs.

Like the homes of a human being’s, lion’s mate in the lion’s den; that is where the “magic” happens.

After a long day of hunting or protecting their pride, there is nothing like HOME SWEET HOME …



The Lion King

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As you can see from the picture provided above this post is just that!  A whole blog about the movie “The Lion King”.

This movie is a GREAT movie.  For those of us that have not seen this magnificent work of art; I really feel bad for you, because you were deprived of a childhood.  With that being said, I will give those individuals (that have not seen the Disney movie) a quick rundown of the movie.

This movie shows the life of Simba, heir to throne, after his father (Mufasa) was killed by Mufasa’s brother (Scar).  Simba is then tricked to believe that he was the cause of his fathers’ death; in order for Scar, his uncle, to take the place of King of the Pride Lands.  Simba flees and grows through life learning who he is by the help of his friends: Nala, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa.  After Simba, goes through an inner battle, he decides to go back home and battle his Uncle Scar for his place as Rightful King.

I am a hard critique but this movie is definitely a 10 out of 10.  Did I forget to mention that the music in this music will keep you dancing? “Well..they always say, “Hakuna Matata”…slimy yet satisfying”.


Have you ever spoke to someone else that maybe pronounced something differently?  Or even used a different word for a commonly used word?  For example: some Americans prefer “soda” over “pop”, in the United States Marine Corps a “head” is merely what others call a “bathroom” and for our country folk a “behind” is your “booty”.  All of this has been said to get to the point that lions also have a “Jargon”.  This blog will be about lions’ jargon compared to humans and what each body part function is.

Yes, we (humans) have hands but lions have paws.  The human hand is used to grab things, write, eat as well as a lot of other functions.  Like a hand, lions have a paw.  A lions’ paw is used for stealth like movement for hunting and holds the beautiful animals  body weight all day.

Yes, we have hair but lions have manes.  Hair helps insulate body temperature, protects skin from sun damage and protects hot spots from blistering.  A mane has multiple major purposes:  to look bigger than they (male lion) actually is, to attract female lions for reproduction and to protect the neck from fatal bites; during battle.

Now you are caught up on a little “Lion Jargon”.


Though many of us have heard or maybe even seen a lion before; do you know anything about the…?  On this post, we will learn a many amazing facts about “The King of the Jungle”…RAWR!!!

Did you know…

  • Lions are the second largest big cat on Earth right behind tigers?

So, that means that, out of 10 of the big cats in the world; the lion beats 8 in size.

  • Male lions are easy to recognize due to their complex manes; and males with darker manes are more likely to attract female lions (lionesses)?

I guess that old saying is true.  Well, at least for lions “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice” (just a joke).

  • When lions breed with tigers they become hybrids known as tigons or ligers?  When a lion and leopard are bred they become leopons?  Or when a lion and jaguar are paired together; they become hybrids known as jaglions?

Obviously, scientist have found the lion species something that is worthy for experimenting.  All of these different creations, from a lion, are unique in their own ways and serve a pace in the circle of life.