As I have grown, I have noticed that lions and people actually have a lot of things in common; one being a house.  Lions have a home called a “lion’s den”.

Within this den many of things happen:  the lion sleeps there, (in some instances) eats there and also mate there.

In a lion’s home (lion den), the “King of the Jungle” (male lion) sleeps for about twenty hours (on average).  Contrary to the male lion, the female lion (lioness) averages a lot less sleep; due to the fact that she spends most of her day hunting.

Though a lion might eat on the scene, sometimes they actually bring the food back to there homes to feed their pride or lion cubs.

Like the homes of a human being’s, lion’s mate in the lion’s den; that is where the “magic” happens.

After a long day of hunting or protecting their pride, there is nothing like HOME SWEET HOME …




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