The Lion King

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As you can see from the picture provided above this post is just that!  A whole blog about the movie “The Lion King”.

This movie is a GREAT movie.  For those of us that have not seen this magnificent work of art; I really feel bad for you, because you were deprived of a childhood.  With that being said, I will give those individuals (that have not seen the Disney movie) a quick rundown of the movie.

This movie shows the life of Simba, heir to throne, after his father (Mufasa) was killed by Mufasa’s brother (Scar).  Simba is then tricked to believe that he was the cause of his fathers’ death; in order for Scar, his uncle, to take the place of King of the Pride Lands.  Simba flees and grows through life learning who he is by the help of his friends: Nala, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa.  After Simba, goes through an inner battle, he decides to go back home and battle his Uncle Scar for his place as Rightful King.

I am a hard critique but this movie is definitely a 10 out of 10.  Did I forget to mention that the music in this music will keep you dancing? “Well..they always say, “Hakuna Matata”…slimy yet satisfying”.


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