Have you ever spoke to someone else that maybe pronounced something differently?  Or even used a different word for a commonly used word?  For example: some Americans prefer “soda” over “pop”, in the United States Marine Corps a “head” is merely what others call a “bathroom” and for our country folk a “behind” is your “booty”.  All of this has been said to get to the point that lions also have a “Jargon”.  This blog will be about lions’ jargon compared to humans and what each body part function is.

Yes, we (humans) have hands but lions have paws.  The human hand is used to grab things, write, eat as well as a lot of other functions.  Like a hand, lions have a paw.  A lions’ paw is used for stealth like movement for hunting and holds the beautiful animals  body weight all day.

Yes, we have hair but lions have manes.  Hair helps insulate body temperature, protects skin from sun damage and protects hot spots from blistering.  A mane has multiple major purposes:  to look bigger than they (male lion) actually is, to attract female lions for reproduction and to protect the neck from fatal bites; during battle.

Now you are caught up on a little “Lion Jargon”.


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